Offshore hosting done right

We allow almost every kind of content. Drugs shops, offering their best powders; fraud & pharma websites of all kinds; porn and money laundering; basically everything you can imagine is allowed to be served by our offshore webhosting. However, on our webhosting plans we do not allow content which is related to terroristic content, child abuse, phishing, hacking, spamming, botnets or similar.

Delivery Time:
Few Hours

Plan Free
30 Days Free
CPU Usage: 1%
RAM: .5 GB
Bandwidth: 50 GB
Disk: .5 GB NVMe
DNS Service Free of Charge
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Plan S
max. $4 /month
CPU Usage: 2%
Bandwidth: 100 GB
Disk: 1 GB NVMe
Bulletproof Domain: $20 per year
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Plan M
max. $9 /month
CPU Usage: 4%
Bandwidth: 200 GB
Disk: 2 GB NVMe
Bulletproof Domain: $20 per year
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Plan L
max. $14 /month
CPU Usage: 6%
Bandwidth: 300 GB
Disk: 4 GB NVMe
Bulletproof Domain: $20 per year
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Plan XL
max. $19 /month
CPU Usage: 10%
Bandwidth: 500 GB
Disk: 8 GB NVMe
Bulletproof Domain: $20 per year
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Included Features


  • One dedicated IP address
  • 1 Gbit Connection (clean traffic)


  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Litespeed Technology


  • SSL Certificate included
  • Basic DDoS Protection
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Enterprise Antimalware
  • Enterprise Reputation Management
  • Anti Spam Engine


  • cPanel
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • 10 days Money-Back-Guarantee
  • Website Migration Service
  • 99.9995% Uptime SLA
  • Unlimited Website Visitors

Cutting Edge Software

for a fast and reliable website the servers hardware is one part of the game. its software should be high end as well. LiteSpeed Web server (LSWS) is the most advanced Webserver and the best choice when it comes to a replacement of apache and nginx.

High-End Hardware

for hosting your website bulletproof you shouldnt pay with its performance. our bulletproof shared hosting servers run hardware which is state of the art. 28-Core Xeon Platinum 8180 processors, DDR4 RAM and snappy NVMe drives with a maximum amount of websites stored per server are missing competitors.

Additional Features

Speed Optimization

The load time of a website is the main critera for a good ranking in Google. Improve yours.

Advanced Speed Optimization

  • Reduce Page Size
  • Reduce Page Loading Time
  • Increase PageSpeed Score
  • Better Search Engine Ranking

Price: $20 One Time

Superior Speed Optimization

  • including “Advanced Speed Optimization”
  • Manual analyzation of your Website
  • Manual altering of your Website
  • Better Search Engine Ranking

Price: $100 One Time

DDoS Protection

Attackers can take down your Website and interrupt your Business. Protect your Website with our Industry leading DDoS Protection.

Advanced DDoS Protection

  • Up to 1000 Gbps
  • Up to 350M Pps
  • Automated Attack sensors
  • Protection against most attacks

Price: max. $75 per Month (best effort)

Superior DDoS Protection

  • Including “Advanced DDoS Protection”
  • Our private collection of known attacks
  • Manual threat analyzation
  • Protection against highly customized attacks

Price: max. $200 per Month (money-back-guarantee)

Anonymous Payment

Offshore Webhosting is getting more popular than ever. With increasing regulations it is getting harder to offer special services. not only your website should be save but also your payments untracable. thats why it is key to pay anonymous web hosting with bitcoin.