Anonymous domain for various purposes

No matter what you are using your domain for – we dont care. Commonly bulletproof domains are beeing used for illegal websites like fraud, money laundering or other webcontent. but also if you want your botnet to be more robust you want to search for someone that offers offshore domain hosting. your bots will connect via the domain instead of a specific IP – which can change over time.

Propagation Time:
10 minutes

Register your domain for just $20 instead of $50. All TLD’s supported.

Transfer your domain

Also you can transfer your domain to us in order to make it bulletproof.
This will cost you $20 instead of $50 but lets you own the domain for one more year.

Transfer Domain

Offshore domain registrar

Though domain registrars are not responsible for the content which is served by a domain, they can be forced to take down a domain and most registrars do so. But not us. We are registered in an offshore location and can & will ignore any try to take down a domain.

Privacy protection from authorities

ICANN requires that a contact is stated in the whois with his full name, address and more. We dont think so. Thats why we dont ask you for any personal details and include the service of private registration in our flatrate price.
Also you will love our blazingfast VDNS. our private network of DNS servers will propagate your domain within 10 minutes, which is a superior service.

Services included

  • Sub-10min propogation
  • whois protection
  • DNS Management
  • Setup assistance
  • Renewal notification

Anonymous Domain Registration with Bitcoin

You don’t want your identity to be exposed by third parties like your bank when you pay for your bulletproof domain.
the easiest way to keep the payment a secret is to use bitcoin.