We are a bulletproof domain registrar, also we ignore dmca, and offer you offshore hosting for EVERY illegal content.

Our DDos protection and high speed servers, speed up websites even though they are in an offshore location.

Most Popular Anonymous Bitcoin Webhosting Plans

Protect your Privacy by freedom of speech. Bitcoin Webhosting, Bitcoin VPS, Bitcoin dedicated server.

$25 / mo
CPU Core: 1 / 3.8 Ghz
Bandwidth: 5 TB
Disk: 30 GB SSD
1000 Gbps / 350M Pps DDos Protection (addon)
Dedicated Server XS
$79 / mo
1x 4C/8T 3.7 Ghz
Bandwidth: 5 TB
Disk: 60 GB SSD
1000 Gbps / 350M Pps DDos Protection (addon)

What Clients Think about us

Because most customers are looking for anonymous hosting plans, the reviews are so too.

Anonymous Customer
Dedicated Server

I am the owner of one of europe’s biggest botnets. I often had the problem that hosting providers dont want such services using their hardware so they kicked me off their servers. But then i heard of bulletproof hosting. I told them about my problem and got a really good offer. Problem solved.

Anonymous Customer
Shared Hosting

You will get great service here! I tried to start a big online shop to sell illegal drugs but I couldn’t find a hosting partner which offers a bulletproof server but also bitcoin hosting. Until I met these guys. They even optimized my website so I get more customers and sales.

Anonymous Customer
Bulletproof Domain

Great offshore hosting supplier and bulletproof domain registrar!
My Domains constantly have been abused which cost me a lot of money. It seems like these guys use abuses only for cleaning purposes on the toilette.